ZAPE spol. s r. o. was established in 1993 by the merger of two companies, one which focused on metal pressing, the other which specialised in the repair of industrial machinery.

Today, the company´s main focus is precision sheet metal fabrication (pressing), bending, laser cutting, and the cutting out of materials on CNC machinery, metal fabrication and welding.

For our operations we use the most advanced industry equipment – for the manufacture of sheet metal the equipment is made by the company Trumpf, for stamping we are equipped with 18 presses with the capability of working direct from metal rolls; we are equipped with four press brakes and with bending centre for bending work, and we offer both manual and robotic welding.

Our company exclusively offers bespoke fabrication for a huge portfolio of customers who come from both mechanical and non-mechanical engineering and industry backrounds (automotive, garden tools, optics, shelf systems, piping and parts for the electro industry etc).

Thanks to our manufacturing flexibility, quality and reliability, the company has fitted very well into the EU market to where we export more than half of our production.

Since 1998 we have held an ISO 9002 certificate and in 2004 we gained the CSN EN ISO 9001:2001 quality standard certificate.